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The theme comes straight from Miguel de Cevantes’s “Don Quixote de la Mancha” (1605) A senile old codger, and student of chivalry, imagines himself to be the last knight-errant and set of into the world to do great deeds.

I do have a Tobias Smollett (1755) translation of the original



To step from quests to impossible dreams/lists here is a clip from the musical

The idea of articulating a load of half baked ideas as an evolving list is inspired from Joel Runyan’s blog of impossible things NOT A BUCKET LIST. Features:

  • A bucket list is static, the impossible list evolves.
  • A bucket list gets smaller, the impossible list gets bigger.
  • A bucket list is focused what you do before you die, the impossible list is focused on how you live.
  • A bucket list is focused on making your life as great as possible, the impossible list is focused on telling as good of a story as possible
  • A bucket list is focused on the event, the impossible list is focused on the journey
  • A bucket list has accomplishments, the impossible list has meaning.
  • A bucket list is made up of someday dreams, the impossible list requires action today.
  • A bucket list expires, the impossible list aspires.

An hour long Don Quixote Archive Film

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Not Capt. Jack Sparrow's compass, but mine!! Life is a daring adventure. This my place to push at boundaries!