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Why Bother?

This is my open source memory. Useful as I am always near a PC these days and my real memory is often out to lunch!

Is this IT? Is a very common sentiment of many during the quarter, half, and three quarter life mini-crisis many seem to go through. A good time to have one is emerging mid career from a period nine days longer that WW2 of sleep and social deprivation due to starting a family as my 40s broke.

Life does not give meaning to us, rather we bring meaning to living. Goals and blogging about them are a device to bring meaning and positive traction back onto life. That is what I am using the web-space for: to set, to monitor, to reflect on and to storify the experience of getting back into the game of life.

For a long time this blog was private and none indexable by search Engines. Gradually, bits have been done that are of wider interest and have been shared.

An insight into the value of a goal setting approach

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Not Capt. Jack Sparrow's compass, but mine!! Life is a daring adventure. This my place to push at boundaries!