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First Evening Walk: Foot Commuting 2014

March 24th! I finally decided that there was enough light to go for a cross-country walk home. That is  a thousand calories burnt in hour and 40 minutes (A good time, especially after a sedentary winter). Glorious inspiring photos of the ever changing, never changing, natural world. I had missed Beagling this weekend so needed to … Continue Reading ››

A very mixed harvest begins during the second week of August walkies to work.

Combines are go with a great break in the weather

Winter wheat and oilseed rape were harvested at about the same time around the 8th of August. Normally, the rape is 2-3 weeks earlier. The very wet autumn led to a slug epidemic and that was then followed by cold wet slow growing conditions over a … Continue Reading ››

Project 2: Walkies boy! Walking= OK + Fit + Fun

Over the five summer months since late April I done 400 miles of my 10 mile daily commute on foot walking cross country between my home in Newport Pagnell and my work here. I started 2011 with a real age 10 years old than my true age (RealAge.com). I was nearly 26 stone (165 kg). I … Continue Reading ››