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Interpretive reading: Project 4: The Play “Living Hours” Arthur Schnitzler

Objectives & Evaluation

Objectives: ·                     To adapt a play for interpretive reading ·                     To portray several characters in one reading, identifying them to the audience through voice changes and movement
Time: 12 to 15 minutes
Evaluation: ·                     Were the characters vocally, physically, and emotionally distinct? Were character changes smooth and quick? ·                     Did the pitch or tempo of any character distract you? ·                     Was … Continue Reading ››

Candidacy for Area G44 Director

Daniel Sandars ACB ALB

Additional details for Area G44 Director 2016/17 candidacy

I believe I should be considered for this position because…

The Area Director’s mission is to support their Clubs and the officers of those Clubs deliver the best Toastmasters experience to their members. I share that front line as a serving Club President at Cranfield Speakers … Continue Reading ››

Interpretive Reading: Project 3: The monodrama

To understand the concept and nature of the monodrama. To assume the identity of a character and to portray the physical and emotional aspects of this character to an audience.
Speech timings: 5:00, 6:00, 7:00


I've taken the monodrama from Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Crime … Continue Reading ››

15/6/2015 Visionary Leader (Leadership Excellence Series)

A last minute speech cancellation lead to a sprint over a lunch hour to present this leadership educational speech at Northampton Speakers on the 15th June 2015. I felt, with the club heading towards charter-ship, it would stimulate a lively discussion on how the club sees itself -and it did.

What is a good leadership vision?

Here … Continue Reading ››

Jokemaster -10th June 2015

One of Cranfield Speakers' 'warm-up' roles is that of Jokemaster who has 1 minute to Tell a tasteful joke or anecdote. Here is a joke that I had welded into memory from long ago and found it circulating the internet in various guises. What's more it helped me win Best use of humour. "A certain bishop, who was a … Continue Reading ››

Project 4: Communicating to Video "The Press Conference" Death Star PR

The Brief

Business and government officials sometime are asked to be spokespersons for their organizations, commenting on various issues. During a press conference you give a prepared speech on the issue and then field questions from journalists. Make sure you are familiar with all the available information about the issue. Answer all questions in a positive … Continue Reading ››

Table Topics: Power of four words

The power of four!

The theme of this meeting was New Year resolutions one months on. To keep with the theme as Table-topics master I looked up pages from Internet on resolutions and goals etc.  I then used a text analyzer to generate keywords. I removed a few that were silly. Originally I intended to let … Continue Reading ››

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