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Here I’ve posted a link to my slides and supporting educational video material from YouTube and written material from websites. Feel free to use the comments to raise questions and discuss ideas.


Further Reading

The four most useful resources I used. Remember to click through to the curated source to access the full text articles.

Public Speaking: The Virtual Text – Audience Analysis

I am an apostrophe. I connect undecided students to mass media internships. I connect resistant students to new academic material. I connect music. I connect people. Others would take more steps and more time, but I use an abbreviated style.

T.A. ~ There is nothing more important than audience analysis. It is the very first thing you should do. Without doing a proper “read” of who you are addressing, you fail to understand what your target is.

Curated from Public Speaking: The Virtual Text – Audience Analysis DeCaro Adams & Jefferis

Audience Analysis: A Guide for Speakers

Self-centric speakers deliver the speech they want to give, without concern for who is in the target audience or what they may be thinking, feeling, or wanting.

Curated from Audience Analysis: A Guide for Speakers

Know Your Audience

I use this to shape my presentation, for example I notice that a number of the people play golf and decide to drop an occasional golfing reference into the talk.

A core question to ask about the audience is what problem they have that you may address in your presentation. The ideal here is a big question that everyone has. In practice, you may need to show them they have a problem and then only some of the audience may be affected.

Know Your Audience

Presentation Time: 10-15 minutes

Part of The Better Speaker Series. If you can relate to your audience, they will relate to you. Includes an outline and a PowerPoint presentation.

Also available as a digital file.

Curated from Know Your Audience

Educational Video Resources

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