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Project 5

Supplementary content to Project 5 of the Advanced Technical Presentation Manual

Technical Presentations, Enhancing a Technical Talk with the Internet, Project 5


  • Understand the nature & process of a technical presentation supported with professional-level visual aids
  • Arrange pre-meeting communications via e-mail
  • Find or create a post-meeting website for further dissemination of information supporting or enhancing your verbal presentation.
  • Use a computer, web browser, graphic program for photos & other images, PowerPoint, as well as flipchart.
  • Time:  12-15 minutes

My presentation will be on knowing your audience and knowing your message to them.

This is the pre-meeting material

  1. Speech Wins invites you to look at examples of where speakers and their audience are work well
  2. Speech Fails invites you to look at examples of where speakers and their audience failed to work well
  3. Audience survey gets you consider the questions you need to ask about an audience

NB One of the desired outcomes is that people use the comment section to interact with the content

After the presentation on the 22nd june there will be addition follow up material listed below

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