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Division G Bookmarks

Division G Bookmarks

A survey concentrating on news sources rather than listings, hence no links to EasySpeak or Toastmasters International unless I couldn’t find anything else in the public domain.

The master list has been developed in Diigo https://www.diigo.com/index, but that is impossible to share to non members, be a dream to work with otherwise. I’ve posted it here on a corner of my blog to share and develop. It helps me get back to find the news coming from the clubs in Division G and comparatively to help make suggestions on improvements.

Work in progress: Report shortcomings to: daniel.steph (at) family.sandars.org.uk


First a note on Zombies. These are channels that are out of use. They convey only the impression of DEATH on the internet

  • Get in: Kill or Cure
  • Can’t get in: Drown or Ignore
    • By drown set up a new very similar social media channel and make it so active, so linked to, and so popular that it gets found first by search engines
  • Avoid – a way
    • Plan for succession
    • Never use a private email to register a club’s social media channel
    • Register a Gmail account for the President and ensure it is passed on
    • Use the Presidential Gmail to register a PR Officer Gmail
    • Distribute PR Officer Gmail and password to your VP PR and assistant social media ninja
    • Insist that all new Social Media channels are registered using PR Officer Gmail
    • In the absence of a tidy hand over of PR assets the new President can recover first the PR Officer Gmail and with that the Social Media Channels and their passwords
    • When bored dispose of your toys or at least put up a holding message to park things in a graceful way pending a future fired-up VP PR

Division G Social Media Channels

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