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Club roles that require some preparartion, such as joke master, table topics master, etc

Competent Leader CL

1) Competent Leader by June 2014

set May 2013
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Critical Thinking12/06/2013
Giving Feedback11/12/2013
Time Management10/07/2013
Planning and Implementation26/2/2014
Organization and Delegation14/05/2014
Team Building26/03/2014

Grunt Counter at Northampton Speakers

Good fun last night and sit back and just listen to a meeting rather than help deliver it. I was grunt counter and found the ah counter form very useful to structure my listening. I did notice the usual ah..umm..err, but also dragged word like "soooooooooooooo we all need to stop over thinking", which under pressure … Continue Reading ››

Evaluator -10th June 2015

Growing Cranfield Speakers Club beyond the university.

I found this Evaluation of an Advanced manual project very stimulating and educational. The speaker was John who is a seasoned member of Toastmasters and Cranfield Speakers. John took joint Best Speaker Award and I took joint Best Evaluator. First something about John's task
Facilitating Discussion: The Problem Solving Discussion Objectives: a) Discuss … Continue Reading ››

Table Topics: Power of four words

The power of four!

The theme of this meeting was New Year resolutions one months on. To keep with the theme as Table-topics master I looked up pages from Internet on resolutions and goals etc.  I then used a text analyzer to generate keywords. I removed a few that were silly. Originally I intended to let … Continue Reading ››

Table-topics Evaluator @ Cranfield Speakers 25/6/2014

#CranfieldSpeakers, #Toastmasters, #TopicsEvaluator Maxime presented a very well thought out, prepared, and delivered Table-topics session last night. I was very hard-pressed to evaluate it and find strong recommendations. Maxime had picked up Maria's (Toastmaster of the Evening) theme on World Seafaring day (image credit: ) to set us all on a nautical adventure. Jim had to … Continue Reading ››