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Five projects in this advanced workbook

Project 4: Communicating to Video "The Press Conference" Death Star PR

The Brief

Business and government officials sometime are asked to be spokespersons for their organizations, commenting on various issues. During a press conference you give a prepared speech on the issue and then field questions from journalists. Make sure you are familiar with all the available information about the issue. Answer all questions in a positive … Continue Reading ››

Project 3 Communicating on Video “When you are the host”

The brief

“A talk show host must be knowledgeable about each guest, be able the phrase questions well, be able to handle different personalities, and make guest feel relaxed an comfortable. Carefully prepare for an interview, finding out as much as possible about the guest and the topics to be discussed. Consider your audience’s knowledge of … Continue Reading ››

Project 1: Every researcher should have an active social media presence

Speech 1 from the Communicating on Video (2011-05) manual - Straight Talk.


Present an opinion or viewpoint in a short time. Simulate giving a presentation as part of a video broadcast. Speech timings:  2:30, 3:00, 3:30


If we are putting our time and resources into communicating science but we're not on social media, we're like a tree falling in … Continue Reading ››