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Exercise that burns calories

13th April Linford Wood Orienteering

Amazingly we completed the 2.7km Amble course in 42 mins, something of a family best given we struggled to make it off the bed/sofa and onto the course for a late 12:04 start. We came 10th of 21 today. Lina in particular enjoyed the competitive twist. The second of eight possible Keyne-O course run one Sunday … Continue Reading ››

First Evening Walk: Foot Commuting 2014

March 24th! I finally decided that there was enough light to go for a cross-country walk home. That is  a thousand calories burnt in hour and 40 minutes (A good time, especially after a sedentary winter). Glorious inspiring photos of the ever changing, never changing, natural world. I had missed Beagling this weekend so needed to … Continue Reading ››

He asked for his pedals back and then free rode his bike for the very first time

Last week we took the bike out of the garage, serviced them. Lina needed a new helmet and whilst choosing that I encourage Cornelius to see which bike he might like when he had learned to ride. Naturally because his sister was getting a new ‘snazzy’ helmet he wanted one as well. On this occasion … Continue Reading ››

Great afternoon on the Bedfordshire/Huntingdonshire borders

A really tiring afternoon following the beagles around miles of arable farm land. Cornelius eared his North Bucks Beagles supporters badge. Apparently even the hounds were complaining of sore feet at the end when we sat down to a scrumptious barn tea party. Lovely weather and the spring is really pushing the crops on now in … Continue Reading ››

A very mixed harvest begins during the second week of August walkies to work.

Combines are go with a great break in the weather

Winter wheat and oilseed rape were harvested at about the same time around the 8th of August. Normally, the rape is 2-3 weeks earlier. The very wet autumn led to a slug epidemic and that was then followed by cold wet slow growing conditions over a … Continue Reading ››

Exercise Goals

Exercise is very much a continuous goal and not one you can do once and tick off so charting it weekly makes more sense than a progress bar to a tick box. The target is one marathon's worth of calories a week c. 3500 kCal, which is illustrated by a uniform split per day. [easychart type="horizbarstack" height="50" … Continue Reading ››