Daniel Sandars DTM

Nominated District Public Relations Manager

Daniel Sandars, DTM

  • Candidacy: Nominated District 71 Public Relations Manager
  • Current Office: Division H Director
  • Toastmaster Since: 2011
  • Education: BSc Agriculture, MSc Applied Environmental Science, MSc Operational Research
  • Accreditation: Chartered Environmentalist, Associate Fellow of the Operational Research Society, Member of the Institute of Agricultural Management
  • Job: Research Fellow, Cranfield University
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/D71CandidateDaniel/
Daniel Sandars DTM
Daniel Sandars DTM

Senior Toastmasters Offices Held:

  • 2017-18 Division H Director
  • 2016-17 District 71 Speechcraft Chair
  • 2016-17 Area G 44 Director
  • 2015-2016 President Cranfield Speakers Club

Toastmasters Honours and Recognition

  • 2017 Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)
  • 2016-17 Distinguished Service Award
  • 2016-17 Select Distinguished Area
  • 2015-16 President’s Distinguished Club
  • 2014-15,-16,-17 -18 Triple Crowns (4)


Why am I a Toastmaster?

I joined Cranfield Speakers in September 2011 to get regular practice at presentations and to improve. I kept renewing because I discovered I valued the non-singles scene social connection it affords. When travelling with work I try to visit clubs and have taken part in meetings in Malta, Bilbao, and Copenhagen.

Nothing beats the regular pleasure of achieving recognized bite-sized speaking and leadership challenges. For example, from attending a demonstration meeting I am a now a charter member and former club mentor of new club Northampton Speakers. The coordination and highly successful delivery of a Speechcraft program to ten doctoral students at Cranfield University in 2015-16 is another example.

Experience outside Toastmasters

Farmer Dan DTM
Farmer Dan DTM

Professionally, I am an Operational Researcher (Management Scientist) employed as a Research Fellow at Cranfield University. My work helps farmers and policy makers make evidence-based decisions using a scientific approach to structure the problems. Rumour has it that my agricultural vocation all started when I was two as I took to hanging out with the oldest farmer in our village as we both walked at the same speed checking the cattle in the fields.

My wife Stephanie and I live nearby in Newport Pagnell along with our three pre-teen children and James Bond’s car maker Aston Martin. In the years prior to the arrival of our first born my wife and I were active proponents of the Blues (Modern Jive) partner dancing scene and organised a series of dances and workshops in Bedfordshire.

Greatest Personal Life Achievements:

  • Helping ensure farmers are not burdened with ungrounded and prescriptive environmental regulations and that policy development is well informed,
  • Getting my first ovation for a technical talk (Potsdam June 2016),
  • Helping bring a revival of Blues partner-dancing to Bedfordshire and surrounds, and
  • A sixteen-year strong marriage with three strapping children.

What makes me the ideal candidate for the role?

I am widely experienced in the skills and tools of Public relations.  Professionally, I’ve authored or co-authored over 40 papers and reports leading to over 600 citations by my peers.  Within Toastmasters I’ve been involved with: 16 published articles, three radio interviews, two glossy flyers, two pull up banners, one poster, one webinar, and one simulated TV talk show with a BBC newsreader. Furthermore, I’ve been guest editor on one edition of the District 71 Newsletter (October 2017); editor and producer of one club newsletter, five Facebook pages and groups, two Meetups, one Eventbrite, two websites, one YouTube channel, one twitter and one LinkedIn group. Previously, I’ve explored news and media aggregators such as Paper.Li, RebelMouse, Pinterest, Tagboard, and about.me.

Additionally, I’ve a strong collegiate leadership style to teamwork. I want all to thrive, going far beyond the minimum to support all. I form strong working networks with my peers by tailoring my approaches using multiple media and communication channels to suit individuals. Current tools include, Google cloud-based productivity tools, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS text, LinkedIn Messenger, Email, phone calls, and face to face catch ups.

To this I can readily combine Toastmaster experience, an analytic approach to data and management, and strong Information Technology skills to gain valuable insights and strategic leverage into choices and priorities. Thus, enabling effective use of scarce resources such as people’s time and budgets.

Why do I want the role?

To be perfectly honest, I am fascinated and excited by the challenges of Public Relations. The skills in the role are synergistic with all areas of my life where public profile matters and thus highly motivational. It is a thrilling time of change and opportunity as the algorithms on social media channels throttles our reach to audiences, the General Data Protection Regulations restricts direct marketing to guests, and our organisation transforms to Pathways.

If you were elected, what would be your key actions in the role?

No Vice President of Public Relations left behind! Working down through Divisional and Area representatives we can ensure support officers with the skills they need. Many of these officers may have only just joined their executive committees. Let us engage with, inspire, and incentivise local teams to support one public relations objective to success.

Word of mouth is our best PR medium of all! How do we get members to resonate passionately and vocally -the wow factor? Firstly, by helping senior leaders articulate our vision, values, and direction compelling throughout the District. Finally, by giving voice to you to testify to your stories of success, be it by interviews or guest editorials.

An image is worth a thousand words!  Public-relations starts with a smile, some fun, a few Toastmasters and a smart phone. Above that the twin challenges of the low light conditions in our meetings and the exacting image quality demands of printed PR need a better approach. Fortunately, we have many excellent photographers and videographers within our District. Yet, we don’t always join up with them. I propose a register of contact details and a stock archive of top locally relevant images. Why not a contest for the best images of 2018-19?

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