Area G 44 Director Candidacy Speech

We have a new Area Director designate. Me. In the end it was uncontested. One of the candidates withdrew the previous day and there were no further challenged from the floor.

Originally, we going to each have two minutes to give a candidacy speech. This was my

Area Director and fellow Toastmasters over my five years with Toastmasters I’ve discovered that there is a magic formula. There are dry ingredients and fresh ingredients. The dry ingredients are the wealth of resources within Toastmasters International.  The fresh ingredients are the passion, joy, and energy that we all bring. Most dramatically, I’ve seen this alchemy at work first when we hosted the BBC Newsreader Tom Sandars, more recently when we delivered the Speechcraft programme, and I continue to see it as we establish Northampton Speakers.

What magic can passion, joy and energy do for Area 44 next year?

I believe we need to focus on progress and consolidation as an Area of five flourishing clubs. We need to develop the fellowship within the area and make best use of support resources from the district. Beyond progress we should not neglect growth opportunities, not least within the legacy of our pioneering Speechcraft programme.  We also need to be ready to master the changes due to the scrapping of grace periods this autumn and the potential roll out of the Revitalised Education Programme (REP).

The Area Director’s job is first and foremost to support the club President’s and their executive Committee’s deliver the Toastmasters mission.  I am familiar with that front line and I share it with you, and passionately serve in roles at two clubs.  Come and share your ideas and together we can make magic happen.

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