Be merry all, be merry all, With holly dress the festive hall, Prepare the song, the feast, the ball, To welcome Merry Christmas.

Daniel, Stephanie, Lina, Cornelius and Samuel would like to wish a Merry and a Happy New Year to you all.

This year was our big year for a House move of half a mile to obtain a 4th bedroom and to allow the elder two children to commute by themselves to school at the bottom of our close. Our new address is:


In August Stephanie and I realised that we were at the mid point as parents of children. We had been parents for 10 years four months and the next 10 years four months would see Samuel, our youngest turn 18.

Individual highlights of 2015

  • This was a busy year for Stephanie as she masterminded the move of house and the tweaking and fitting out of the new place. With increasingly settled November saw Stephanie resume her career having taken on the job to run the art room at the Milton Keynes College nursery.
  • Daniel continues to work as a Research fellow at Cranfield university looking at questions such as the impact of climate change farming and land use and the way we can produce food for few environemntal burdens. The communication and leadership group “Toastmasters international ” is Daniel’s major outlet and this year he serves as president of Cranfield Speakers club as well as a vice president of recently started Northampton Speakers.
  • Lina (aged 10 years) says the highlight of her year has been the school trip to France for a week via the tunnel. They all had a great time on this big grown up trip away from their family’s and familiarity. Lina managed to spend her pocket money on day one in a French market buying bling and cosmetics only to be annoyed that she was spent out by the visit to the chocolate factory on day five.
  • Cornelius (aged 9 years) had his best memeory of 2015 at the ‘Hazard Alley’ children’s activity centre at a trip organised by school.  The Beano and Lego are Cornelius’s main interest.  He has become an avid reader of the Beano and has assembled a huge collection over the past year including an increasing number of vintage editions from the antique and prints shops in town.
  • Samuel (aged 7 years) continues to come into his own with the support of his teaching assisstant at school. He gets a lot out of books and art. Recently, he managed to start drawing and writing his own simple story books about touring landmark strewn cities by car. Overall though he has a soft spot for toy cars and planes and is currently raving to add a white toy Toyota Prius to his collection, which is the same as our family car.

It is wonderful to be in our new propper home. Samuel still calls it our new house.  He was, despite teachers preditcions, so delighted with our new home that he has improved considerably. He likes his own bedroom but it is small and he can relax in it  only when it is tidy. Lina has the biggest bedroom in the house which is long and narrow above the garage. We have yet to totally organise it and invite her friends for a sleepover. There is a group of five or six girls who have a great time taking it in turns sleeping over at each others houses and doing a project at each home. Now it is Lina’s turn at the end of January. Cornelius is busy joining bench ball and Taekwondo clubs. His bedroom is nearly as big as our bedroom and needs to be painted because it has a woodchip wall paper and mushroom paint. The house feels even larger than it is because Daniel has moved his desk and computer into the garage which has two doors leading directly into the house. Also there is a small room next to the sitting room. We have lovely neighbours!  Our aims in the long term are to put in a second toilet (hopeful a shower can be included in that). There are other possiblities like a conservatory to make the small room off the sitting room bigger. But…. In the immediate future I have exciting things to get like table lamps and lampshades for the ceiling lights as well as ordinary things like a laundry bin.

Thank you to our wonderful families for supporting us in lots of ways since we got married.

Daniel & Stephanie Sandars

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