Georgian era theme meeting. 12/8/2015

View for the Chair 12/8/2015

A full on night at Cranfield Speakers (#CranfieldSpeakers) club.

Alex was the Toastmaster of the Evening and lead us through a program of two speeches and two educational speeches. He ran with a theme of the Georgian era. One of the educational speeches, on Motivating people, from Paul J fulfilled the requirements for his Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB). So well done that man! Overall four really solid speakers with Minjie delivering a very accomplished Prezi aided eighth project from her competent communicator manual on research into Tea drinking. She scooped the Smooth-talker, Best-speaker, General Evaluator’s Award and Best use of Humour.

We created a one off space in the agenda for Vicky to relaunch the mentoring programme under her role as Vice President of Mentoring

I doubled up roles and did a last minute Joke.  The graduates reunion at the Red Lion in Uxbridge (found in the Readers Digest). They meet every decade and every time choose the Read Lion at Uxbridge:

  • first time because the waitress and bar staff are ‘hot’,
  • second time because the chef is brilliant and the wine, whiskey and real ale lists are out of the is world,
  • third time because the car parking is fantastic and the restaurant quiet and uninterrupted,
  • fourth time because the access is easy, the loos are spacious and its wheel chair friendly, and
  • fifth time because no one could recall ever having been there before!?!

I also did table topics and the tried the power of four words tactic using  text on the Georgian era.  It went down well. They had to make up a story using all four key words. We had all sorts of stories:

  • The noble royal house of Wesley (Paul J),
  • The strong named child monarchs with fortunes going North and North (Ed)
  • Expanding the British trade empire for the Queen in France and suppressing our rivals (Alex)
  • And John from North America visiting home to see how they threw their tea into the sea to declare independence with a view to trying it in Milton Keynes (Matt).

We were joined by five guests, two of whom were doctoral students seeking help from Cranfield Speakers to run a Speechcraft course for a group of eight students.

Speechcraft image
Speechcraft image

Speechcraft is a structured 6-8 session Toastmasters community outreach course that  provides a Toastmaster microcosm to nurture people through the core foundations of oral communication skills. The club were generally supportive of the idea that we consider running the Speechcraft program if we can to the extent that several indicated that they would find time to help.

The Executive Committee meeting

Again a  very busy meeting as people getting into mastering their briefs and squaring up to the autumn programme of contests and freshers fairs.  key take outs:

  • Our Distinguished Club Programme is advancing nicely with all members steadily advancing on their awards.
  • We have now got our Treasurer’s mandates in place
  • We decided to recognise our successful mentors with certificates
  • We are going to set up a club Twitter to obtain more Google exposure for the Facebook page
  • We had one article published in the Cranfield Express and the chance to get an article in the staff magazine Perspective later.
  • We have secured the venue for our open demonstration events.
  • Got our main venue booked up and a code for booking it in future.
  • Fire Marshall training is in hand.
  • We are going to pay more attention to encouraging members to keep up-to-date with the leadership track activities.
  • We said good bye to Gustavo and thanked him for his support as he may well be leaving when his studies conclude at the University.
  • Minjie agreed to be the special event chair for the Freshers fair.
  • We did decide to buy the Speechcraft kits and see if we can develop an action plan to deliver it. The final decision to do it or not will come later.
  • All are happy that I have a shot at putting the Speechcraft plan together and make it part of a High Performance Leadership project
  • Matt and Vicky agree to take up paces on the High Performance Leadership Committee.  We thought to ask Maria and Dave/John for the other two places.
High Performance Leadership Project
High Performance Leadership Project
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