Sets of four words of goals

Table Topics: Power of four words

The power of four!

The theme of this meeting was New Year resolutions one months on. To keep with the theme as Table-topics master I looked up pages from Internet on resolutions and goals etc.  I then used a text analyzer to generate keywords. I removed a few that were silly. Originally I intended to let speakers pick one word at random and use that to talk about their resolutions. However, by chance I saw two words together and thought that was more fun and challenging so tried four words together to give a stiffer challenge. The table below  was printed large and cut into strips and placed in a bag for random selection.

achieve making getting social
bad meditation give something
become participants goals start
better people god stop
drink plan habits study
eat practice help success
edit progress improve support
fact promises including things
failed quit involved tips
family resolutions keep track
found setting life week
friends smoking lose weight

I led with an example. “Eat practice help success” and gave the story that my New Years resolution was to eat more but to achieve that I needed practice and help from my friends, but will be rewarded with success.

To Table-topics speakers  and their random four words were

  1. Sue: Family, Resolutions, Keep, & Track (winner)
  2. Joydeep: Fact, Promise, Including, & Things
  3. Keith: Achieve, Making, Keeping, & Social

It went very well. The Toastmasters loved the refreshing novelty of the approach. They also liked that I had given an example during my intro which made it feel fun and accessible.


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