Project 3 Communicating on Video “When you are the host”

The brief

“A talk show host must be knowledgeable about each guest, be able the phrase questions well, be able to handle different personalities, and make guest feel relaxed an comfortable. Carefully prepare for an interview, finding out as much as possible about the guest and the topics to be discussed. Consider your audience’s knowledge of the guest and subject and phrase questions accordingly.


  • To conduct a successful interview.
  • To understand the dynamics of a successful interview or talkshow
  • To prepare questions to ask during the interview program
  • To present a positive, confident image on camera.

Time 5-7 minutes”

The Show: Northampton Speakers Today

Welcome to the Northampton Speakers Today show. This show is about ordinary people just like you and me. People with a pertinent story to tell. A pertinent story to share and inspire.

I am Daniel your host. Join me as we go on this journey.

Tonight’s guest is Julie. Julie is a University of Northampton trained social confidence counsellor. For the last eight year she has been running a successful practice in Northampton and Rushden. You may have heard of Julie recently on the one show talking about her work on social anxiety amongst men in today’s society

Julie this is a fascinating career what first made you interested in it?

What is social anxiety and why do you feel that is an important issue amongst men today?

When I grew up mental health was a very taboo subject. In you experience how widespread social anxiety is social anxiety amongst men?

I really like that quote on your website “confidence comes from not always being right but not fearing being wrong!” Why did you pick that one in particular?

I read recently that an Oxford University team has concluded that Talk therapy is best for social anxiety when compared to medication. Does that make sense to you?

Many of us will have had parents and grandparents who had fight wars and solider on with a stiff upper lip. Broadly speaking they did exactly that, but is life different now?

Julie do you have one message that you would like the listeners to take away with them?

Julie I’d really like to thank you for coming along to talk to us tonight. That wraps it up for this show. Good night and thank you for listening

Feedback and reflections

Overall I came home buzzing having really enjoyed the project and the very lively full meeting we had.


  • Preparation, planning, material, questions, and structure
  • Calm and controlled
  • Engaged guest and audience
  • Great topic -thought provoking
  • Formal and well articulated
  • Good open questions
  • Tied in with the meeting’s theme of remembrance Sunday
  • Good opening, closing and seques
  • Julie really enjoyed it


  • Loosen up and relax more
  • More dialogue from me develop Julie’s answers
  • Try a spicey controversial question
  • Focus on Julie  more to shows great interest and rapport
  • More animation and vigour
  • Avoid the distractions of notes/clipboard
  • When setting the stage let the audience know where the imaginary camera is for eye contact
  • Give Julie’s website and explicit plug

My thoughts

  • If using timing Cues then learn what they mean
  • Prepare extra questions to play out the time
  • Practice Practice Practice

What is social anxiety in men?

What has recently been in the news about social anxiety?

Is counselling a waste of time?


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