7th April at Northampton Speakers

Newcomer Luke M debuted with a win tabletopics followed by sharing a win for the best use of humour with Cecile W, a North Bucks Toastmaster visiting for the first time. With Dave M as Toastmaster of the Evening and Sue S as President (plus General Evaluator and Tabletopics Master) four guests and six Toastmasters gathered in the offices (third floor) of 53 Billing Road for the Club’s third ever meeting. The next meeting will be on the 28th of April in the boardroom (hopefully) of 53 Billing Road.

There were prepared talks by:

1) Daniel S related some of his yarns from the farm in a bid “To Make them Laugh” as his third project from the advanced manual “The Entertaining Speaker”. He told us of old farmers whose rusty loud trucks threw passengers out and provoked yuppies into road races as well as young farmers who trucks pass MOTs with rusty chassis cut out and go rather fast (very briefly) with a lorry Tubo-charger running in what once was the passenger seat. A rehabilitated hearse was one young lad’s passion wagon, but another lad was excruciatingly and politely left near speechless at his amorata’s rendition of his favourite rhubarb crumble (minus 5 lbs of sugar).

Linda A evaluated Daniel S and picked up of the great anecdotes and memorable images words and phrases, but recommended better pacing and to beware of mumbling

2) Cecile W was doing her 4th “Competent Communicator” manual project “How to Say it” with a speech on her challenges of master English as a second language. On hearing her husband offer to run her to the station, she grabbed her running shoes, but otherwise is happy to say ‘lovely’ with varying intonation when not sure of which of 132 possible meanings a word such as “to run” is taking.

Paul H evaluated Cecile W and marvelled at the peerless vocal variety and body language and suggested that Cecile could make use of her native French exclamations to heighten the contrast and dramatic tension.

The Tabletopics were chaired by Sue S and was worked around a theme of rainbow colours. Orange gave Paul H a chance to talk about his favourite fruit and vegetables as a vegetarian and breakfast time banana eater. Green gave Dave M chance to relate experiences of Ireland and that it is indeed a long way to Tipperary if no two people can give you the same directions! Indigo allowed Luke M to talk about his favourite clothing item in the form of a scarf chicly fluttering behind on a windy day in the quad and uniquely perspiration-ally personal. Finally, violet led into luxuries giving Daniel S chance to talk about his love of dark pure chocolate.

Cecile W and Linda A were timekeepers.

The next meeting on the 28th falls outside of the regular 1st and 3rd Monday pattern to prevent Easter Monday and May bank holiday leaving a 6 week gap by knocking out two meetings.

Prepared by Daniel Sandars (7/4/2014)

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