23rd April 2014 at Cranfield Speakers – Election night

Fifteen toastmasters and three most welcome guests enjoyed a lively night with a packed agenda in the learning and development room at Cranfield University. Awards: Andy Table-topics, Paul Humour, Atma General Evaluators award, Maxime Best Speaker, and Andy Smooth talker award. Congratulations: founding father Jim on his award of Distinguished Toastmaster  (after  8 years work), and John on his election as next Area 44 governor. Next meeting 14th of May with VIP visits from broadcaster Tom Sandars and Area Governor Lynda Andrews.


  1. Isaiah outlined plans for the gala awards dinner with inauguration of the new toastmaster of the year award on 18th June, thus hold this date and await full announcement,
  2. Becky proposed the new executive committee for 2014/2015 who were voted in unanimously and they are:
    President: Atma Prakash 
    Vice President Education: Becky Piper
    Vice President Membership: Isaiah Allison 
    Vice President Public Relations: Daniel Sandars 
    Treasurer: Becky Piper 
    Secretary: Maria Pawula
    Sergeant-at-Arms: Minjie Cai
    IT Support: Jim Reynolds 
    Immediate Past President (and Area Governor Elect) John Schell
  3. Daniel outlined plans for the next meeting on the 14th May which is a special event with broadcaster Tom Sandars.

The meeting

Paul gave us the word of the day ‘Action’.

Atma gave us the joke “laughter maybe the best medicine, but not if you are laughing at your new bride’s mistakes.”

ST.george[1]Jim developed a fun table-topics session around St George’s day.

  1. What modern dragon would you slay? Minjie decided to find favour with the spiritual dragons from the East to calm the seas.
  2. How should the English celebrate? Paul fancied time out for a nap and a bottle of scotch
  3. What would you be sainted for? Andy was too dark a character to be a saint but wanted to be remembered for preventing war and violence by teaching people how to communicate, reflect and reconcile.
  4. Who would you make a saint? Début table-topics speaker Jee decided that she would canonize anyone who can communicate well.

Allison gave us a commanding talk on “the power of words” for his fifth Competent Communicator (CC)  project “your body speaks”. He showed us how water behaved very differently with the type of noise and that pleasant harmonious noise lead to the most beautiful structures. Mankind is 70 percent water, thus we benefit from calming positive words.

Maxime gave a really fascinating talk on “perspective” sparked by his observations of his changing view of England as seen by air. This was also a fifth CC project talk. It was fascinating to learn that base 12 counting use the phalanges (proximal, intermediate and distal) of the hand’s fingers.

Becky tackled one of her Advance Leader Bronze educational speeches entitled “Service and leadership”. These speeches are heavily predefined and the challenge to the speaker is to bring them to life. To aid her in this endeavour she used hand made power point slides and threaded in personal anecdotes. A good leader should aim to make staff look good rather than self look good.

The meeting leadership roles were carried out by: Amani (Toastmaster of the evening), Daniel (General evaluator), Atma (Timekeeper, Vice President education, Joke master, sergeant at arms), and Paul (Grammarian, and Ah counter).


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