He asked for his pedals back and then free rode his bike for the very first time

Last week we took the bike out of the garage, serviced them. Lina needed a new helmet and whilst choosing that I encourage Cornelius to see which bike he might like when he had learned to ride. Naturally because his sister was getting a new ‘snazzy’ helmet he wanted one as well. On this occasion he got it. A dark, almost Darth Vader, helmet.

That weekend the kids took their bike around the green. The boys use theirs as balance bikes, without any pedals, to encourage them to get a feel for balancing, handling and stopping without the stabilisers (training wheels). They went out for a few more plays around the green during the week. We tried the balance bike concept last autumn, but Cornelius, despite trying, lacked the confidence in himself on the bike and the sibling rivalries going on.

It all changed yesterday. He asked for his pedals back. I spent most of Saturday trying to find his pedals again in the garage. Did a lot of useful clearing up and de-cluttering. On Sunday afternoon he had me refit the pedals and no sooner had I turned my back and he was free riding for himself round the green and after getting the knack of corners in figures of eight around the road. At that point we all grabbed our bikes, Samuel in the child carrier seat on my bike, and set off round the river meadow paths for a good mile of fun cycling with Cornelius leading the way much of the time.

Well done! It opens up so much more we can do as a family now that summer is coming.

Cornelius really needed the time to get into his comfort zone at his pace. He hates frustration and easily gets frustrated keeping up with his elder sister. I can see why he doesn’t just take risks and throw himself into new challenges. He has twice broken an arm keeping up with his sister in the past.

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