First Evening Walk: Foot Commuting 2014

March 24th! I finally decided that there was enough light to go for a cross-country walk home. That is  a thousand calories burnt in hour and 40 minutes (A good time, especially after a sedentary winter). Glorious inspiring photos of the ever changing, never changing, natural world. I had missed Beagling this weekend so needed to get out for a yomp.

Spring is edging in. The growing season is under way. The farmers are fertilising to push this growth spurt. The gas guns are out to scare the pigeons off the growing yellow flowering oilseed-rape (brassica napus). Daffodils peep out from hedgerow bottoms.

In places the path has been upgraded, but in others partly obstructed by a fallen tree. It is an open joke amongst the farm staff that the tracks are my motorway to work.

It is amazing how striking a dead skeleton tree can seem, much like a scarecrow standing sentinel over the landscape. I do know dead wood is ecologically very important.


Catkins and pussy willows! The hedges and woods have dozens of examples of wind pollinated tree flowers and breaking buds. I should try get a bunch this week to have in a flower arrangement.


The last photos are a little play with the settings of my new outdoor camera. I used the support of the road bridge to take a few shots of the kind of commuting that I am gladly not doing. I rather fancy taking a long exposure photo of star trails through the branches of the skeleton tree if we get a really clear dark night and I can find the tripod.


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