A craic St Patrick’s day meeting of The Northampton Speakers

Mac nearly swept the board winning Table-topics speaker and shared the Humour award with Daniel. Sue presided over Northampton Speakers’ second meeting with five welcome guests and four visiting Toastmasters at the Billing Road venue. There were two prepared speeches with Dave A giving his Icebreaker speech and Sue giving a trial of her competition speech called Magic Words.


The St Patrick day theme was picked up by Daniel as Toastmaster and Topics master.

The Word of the Day was Banshee, a loan word in the English language taken from the Irish meaning Female Fairy. A little challenging for easy use, but Mac described driving, with his wife, through France like a Banshee.

Daniel got the laugh with his joke about the savvy ditzy blond who got a Mayfair bank to securely park her priceless Mercedes as security for a fortnight in return for £15.50 interest on a £5000 loan.

[Our] Dave A gave his icebreaker charting his life from Leeds in Yorkshire as a builder’s son down to Northampton to learn his trade in Engineering. From there he made his mark in history the day he signed the marriage register before embarking on parenthood and a role in nurturing the next generation as both father and school governor. Along the way he learned the meaning of looking busy was to working hard to find the opportunities and nurture the future.

Lynda A evaluated Dave picking out the wonderful job he did of telling us about his life with a lovely story telling style and great body language.

Our second talk was given by Sue on the subject of “magic words” that described how in youth magic words like Abracadabra and even please didn’t really work for Sue. Naturally a quiet and reserved woman Sue found in later in life some words did begin to weave magic like the progressive ability to be able to communicate for herself and find help in the form of Toastmasters. That kind of magic started to bring a dream job and a dream man into her life.

Dave M evaluated Sue and drew attention to the very strong use of triads (the power of three) in both the structure of the talk and how Sue used the stage area. In this case three bits of the floor/stage were claimed for three magic spells.

In the St Patrick’s Day Table-topics session we had

  1. Mac inherited a four leaved clover with one wish left. His tale took him on a frantic banshee drive across France trying to find investment property for his wife’s modest inheritance. Tired and half starved, having underestimated distances and times in France, his wife stooped to pick a four leaved clover in the lay-by.  As she straightened she saw a restaurant and there they met an estate agent who found them the house –a wish come true.
  2. In the midst of the potato famine in Ireland [starved and luckless] Dave M, who didn’t inherit the four leaved clover, embarked ship for the Americas. On landing he discovered that this vast vast land could be the land of the free. You didn’t need peerages, positions in society, or connections. If you worked hard and made good you could become the mayor and beyond that the President.
  3. Dave M’s descendant Lynda A got to inherit a moonshine whiskey still set in an Irish peat bog. She would soon get busy bottling off the medicinal stuff for her relatives and friends. There would be good parties around that still, but the more disreputable of us best not wonder too far into the peat bog lest it be a one way trip.
  4. Dave ‘A’ did wonder around that peat bog but tripped over and discovered the golden harp of Ireland sticking out of the peat. With this he could fake it and make it as any musician in any band. He used it to bring the whole of Led Zeppelin and thus real music back to its best.





Our timekeepers for the night were Noor and Steven.

Sue has the opportunity to appear on radio Northampton with a new member of the club. She also began to take soundings for the first committee of the club, describing each role in turn

Next meeting 7th April (three weeks hence) at Billing Road. Three speakers have come forward so far. Contact Sue to participate in a role.



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