Tabletopics Master 26th February –Goal Setting Workshop

The tabletopics session gives toastmasters 90 seconds to do an impromptu speech on a subject they have only just learnt about. It helps us to think on our feet and also provides speaking opportunities outside of the planned prepared substantive speeches.

As a prelude to the Goal Setting speech and workshop. I had to think of something thematically linked. Last time I choose goal setting keywords like Perseverance, Passion, etc. I was veering towards quotes this time, but at the last minute headed towards pictorial memes. I had a choice of seven and choose four at the time.

1) Alex spoke about his battle with feeling 6 months pregnant and the dire bouncing consequences of jogging and of sizzling bacon sounds distracting his mind from trying to stop eating. Ultimately forgetfulness came easier.

2) Maxime gladly took this one on to describe his battle with internet distractions and his analysis paralysis of continuing to plan to avoid distraction

3) Amani gladly took up the scary lifestyle choices of being a woman from Libya travelling to abroad to further her education and to remember to pat herself on the back frequently rather than stay safe and regret.

4) This was a hard sell. Jim came up to say his life is of immense value but not way of measuring it captures that. However as a control engineer he appreciated that if you can’t measure it you can’t control it. That is indeed a pradox to manage if we are to manage our lives effectively.

5,6 & 7 unused

Feedback and reflection

Overall it proved very effective and ensured that people were thinking hard about goal setting (if only to have a plan B if they got asked to speak) and thus set the stage well for John to deliver his goal setting workshop speech. The pictoral memes worked very well to convey the concepts and to act as a reminder. I pinned each of the ones used up on the boards and that helped the evaluators remember who had spoken about what.

Note to self: Remember the hand shaking etiquette between speakers.

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