Toastmaster of the Evening – 22nd January –Outdoor winter activities

With the Olympics looming I choose a theme of outdoor winter activities to chase away those winter blues.

On the Piste! Winter sport plus outdoor winter activities and traditions play a very important part in helping us manage our mid winter Blues or Season Affective Disorder (SAD) in the north of Europe. Do you have a favourite excuse to get outdoors and have fun in winter? For example there is a folk tradition of Mummers Plays that are associated with morris dancing see or on youtube an example.

I am sure you always thought the English Eccentric!

Review and feedback

Some people are very slow to engage with d71 or the don’t engage. It makes it hard for the meeting manager and requires considerable additional work on the phones. All can do is promote D71 use, but also to allow time to use multiple methods of communication.

This meeting was particularly prone to late arrivals (weather and traffic) which required spontaneous agenda improvisation to delay or omit roles, I was commended on insisting that the show kept to time.

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