Getting the Boys to ride a Bike

Cornelius and Samuel are both in need of that final little push to ride their bikes. Samuel may be harder. Cornelius can’t abide frustration and can opt to avoid and not to try rather than risk getting himself angry.

This is a parenting goal that I really need to focus on as it will open up family cycling for all of us. That is important as we get fitter and have more fun as a family.

When I was taught to ride I learned from scooters, a tricycle, and then a bicycle with stabilisers. After that it was being pushed along until you realised the adult was not holding on any more. The kids have had scooters and bicycles with stabilisers. They are very mobile when they want to be. Lina has learned to ride using the old method, but we have struggled to apply it to the boys partly as repeated goes are back breaking. Lina’s leg length means that she effectively leaned via a balance bike route and today starts peddling by running the bike up to speed before lifting her legs to peddle. See below.

A more systematic method is offered here.

  1. Learn to stop before you start This sounds really good as it teaches the children confidence in walking their bike along and knowing they can use their brakes
  2. Drop the saddle and take away the pedals This turns the bike into a scooter with brakes and the kids can learn run, glide and stop. My sister’s kids have scooter bikes or balance bikes just likes this
  3. One pedal at a time Using the leading leg (right often –opposite of the handedness?)  this teaches where to put your foot once scooting successfully
  4. Ready for launch This is the old fashioned bit walk with them till they are pedaling along and can gain confidence solo. If you walk back a little bit then ask them to stop it will look as though they have ridden much further as a confidence booster.

Further advice showing the balance bikes concept. With a further tip of getting the parents out the way and hence the kids anxiety to please rather than play.

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