Walkies again

I am slowly getting back into my commute walks. We have had a hiatus due to health issues in the family that are slowly resolving.

I am horrified how fast the weight came back on once the exercise regime came to a stop at the end of 2012. Shifting 2000 kCal a day 3-4 days a week was doing a lot of good, but nine months grounded between desk work and domesticity undid a lot. In 2011 when I first started trying to commute on foot after years of desk-boundedness and domesticity the commutes took 2 hours plus, but this time my times are down around 90 mins after a few goes and I can do it quicker if I push on. I clearly did a lot of good work in 2012/2012 in conditioning my legs for fitness.

What are the lessons: Clearly my underlying dietary habits have flaws that I can mask only if I put in the walking/ cycling/ dancing. Or I may just be seeking solace and comfort in foot when I lose my fun physical outlets and get ground down by domesticity and work. Although the health crisis that derailed family life was unique…other crisis could hit round the corner and I need to cope better… somehow.

For now we are having the best summer weather in two years so i really need to soak that up with fun outdoor activity to be in the strongest shape by winter. I note that cattle are still hypnotically cute.

IMG_1779 IMG_1788

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