This Blog 3rd Week July 2013

In July 2013 I took the decision to make this blog a little more public.
The blog’s primary purpose has always been as my cloud memory dump and doodle area. It is not indexable by search engines. It was started when it became obvious that after 5 years of being consumed by starting a family I had to get my life back on the rails.

Going more public meant that 80-90% of what I had posted on here I had to unpublish and make strictly private as it is well outfield. As is true for most diaries that are on the receiving end of their owners frustrations. What is left to share are a collection of Speech drafts for Cranfield Speakers and postings on various walks. I disable comments having been caught out too often by spammers and wasting time deleting their stuff.

Dotted around the place seem to be a few people that have checked the speech or walk posts out.
Local visitors

Global visitors

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