1795 kCal 3hr walk to work via Sherrington

I remain determine to push up my fitness in these autumnal days. I was out the house at 6:30 and headed out via the cemetery at first light to Sherrington. It took an hour to get above Sherrington and cross the main road on a foot bridge before descending into bedlam hamlet then Chicheley before picking up the paths down to little Crawley, North Crawley and the university.  I had forgotten my map and needed to ask around Sherrington to find the foot path out of the village. Very sensory walk through the cemetery and very sore walk towards the end. it was chilly and i was glad i wore my knotted yachting Jumper. I was however in a sweat for a lot of the journey. It is nice to meet fellow walkers and their dogs some time, One chap told me of a few short cuts around N Crawley

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