Cycle to Harrold Odell

I went for, what must have been my longest cycle ride in recent times. We decided to go to Harrold Odell country park. I did the trip on the bike and the family went by car. My route was through the villages and I just love the rural character and autumnal landscapes. Over all I think it was 12.5 miles each way and took me about 70 minutes for each direction. It was over rolling landscape, but it seems to put my average at 10-12 Mph for a longer ride. This surprised my wife who turned up an hour after i arrived, having stopped to do some shopping and give the kids a run in a park. Cross country her speed is only 25-09-11_1338just over twice that of the bike.

I snatched this photo of a John Deere rubber track power harrowing ahead of wheat drilling.  There is a lot of heavy clay in the Ouse valley.

It does remind me to make as much use of the autumnal weather to enjoy the outdoors.

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