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Grunt Counter at Northampton Speakers

Good fun last night and sit back and just listen to a meeting rather than help deliver it. I was grunt counter and found the ah counter form very useful to structure my listening. I did notice the usual ah..umm..err, but also dragged word like "soooooooooooooo we all need to stop over thinking", which under pressure … Continue Reading ››

Adv Manual Speaking to Inform: Project 1 The speech to inform

1 - The Speech to Inform

Time: 5 - 7 minutes Objectives:
  • Select new and useful information for presentation to the audience.
  • Organize the information for easy understandability and retention.
  • Present the information in a way that will help motivate the audience to learn.

Cranfield Speakers Club: The Area Director's Perspective

"The whole of life … Continue Reading ››

Technical Presentations project 4: presenting a technical paper




  • Deliver an interesting speech based on a technical paper or article.
  • Effectively use a flipchart, overhead projector or slides to illustrate your message.
  • TIME : 10 to12 minutes

Note to the Evaluator

For this project, the speaker was asked to present a technical paper or article. The opening … Continue Reading ››

Area G 44 Director Candidacy Speech

We have a new Area Director designate. Me. In the end it was uncontested.¬†One of the candidates withdrew the previous day and there were no further challenged from the floor. Originally, we going to each have two minutes to give a candidacy speech. This was my Area Director and fellow Toastmasters over my five years with Toastmasters … Continue Reading ››

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